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Eye Exam in Humble

Eye Exams and Vision Tests

At Today’s Vision, we want to be sure that you see at an optimal level. So when you come in for your scheduled eye exam, we test your vision so that any concerns can be diagnosed and the proper corrective lenses prescribed to improve the situation. Our eye exam in Humble once per year is the best way to keep yourself seeing as well as possible.

Eye Exam in Humble

Eye Exam in Humble

A full eye exam and vision test evaluates your entire field of vision, from close up to far away and in-between, including your peripheral vision (side to side). A visual acuity test, which typically includes reading from an eye chart, will determine how you see through each eye separately as well as in conjunction with each other. If you already wear corrective lenses, you’ll be tested both with and without them. A refraction test determines if you need corrective lenses (for those who don’t already wear them or for those whose existing prescription is out of date). Your side to side vision is gauged through a visual field test. Virtually everyone will have those tests done during our eye exam in Humble. In addition, if you have difficulty with distinguishing colors, or you have a family history of color blindness, a color vision test may be administered.

If you do need glasses or contact lenses after our eye exam in Humble, you will be able to get your prescription filled promptly. For eyeglasses, you’ll choose from among a wide variety of great looking designer name frames. For contact lenses, you’ll decide on rigid or soft with additional options for soft lenses that include daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and even color changing.
As important as clear and sharp vision is, it is equally essential to be screened for common eye diseases. Did you know that symptoms are rarely noticeable for most eye diseases in their early stages? That’s why a yearly checkup makes perfect sense. Our eye exam in Humble will determine if there are any signs to indicate concern. All diseases, including those of the eye, have the best chance of positive outcomes when they are found early.

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