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Humble Eye Examinations

Optometrist in Humble

Optometrist in Humble

Are you treating your eyes the way you should? Have you scheduled your next eye exam? At Today’s Vision, our Humble optometrist and the rest of our caring team of staff are strong proponents of regular comprehensive eye exams as part of an effective preventative eye health plan. Your eyes and vision are hugely important in your day-to-day life, and should never be taken for granted. Visiting our Humble optometrist for regular comprehensive eye exams can make a huge difference in how your vision quality and overall eye health are maintained over the years.

Humble Eye Examinations

Humble Eye Examinations

During each examination, our Humble optometrist uses several tests and techniques in order to evaluate the accuracy of your vision, and to see how your eye health is in general. These tests may include but are not necessarily limited to: a visual acuity test, a cover test, a slit lamp examination, a retinal exam, a testing of your intraocular pressure, refraction, and more. With the use of these testing techniques, our Humble optometrist is able to identify problem areas or potentially dangerous eye conditions earlier on than we might have if you did not come in for a routine eye exam. In fact, some of the most dangerous eye conditions develop in such a gradual manner that patients often do not recognize them on their own until the disease has already progressed significantly and has already caused damage to their vision.

If you depend on contact lenses or eyeglasses in order to see clearly, it is also important to have your eyes examined regularly so that our Humble optometrist can make sure that your prescription is accurate, and that your optical devices are fitted properly for your comfort and safety. As you can see, comprehensive eye exams hold a wealth of potential benefits for you, and we hope you will take advantage of those benefits with us at Today’s Vision.

Are you ready to schedule your next eye exam with our Humble optometrist? If so, either give us a call at the office directly so someone form our staff can set up an appointment, or you can request your desired appointment time on our website and we will get back to you shortly in order to confirm. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at Today’s Vision.

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