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Cheap Eyeglass Frames Atascocita Texas

Atascocita Eyeglasses

Finding the Right Eyeglasses for your Face Shape

Which shape of frames will best compliment your face shape? At Today’s Vision, one of the many ways that we assist you, our valued customer, is in making that determination. Of course, that’s in addition to ensuring that you enjoy optimal vision and comfort with our Atascocita eyeglasses.

When you come in for an eye exam, which should be a yearly visit, you will get a thorough checkup from our optometrist. You should never have to settle for any less than the sharpest and clearest vision that you can achieve. Once the ideal prescription is identified and written, the next phase is for our optical department to put that prescription into a pair of lenses that are best suited to improving your vision. And while that is going on, we will help you pick out the frames you want that complete our Atascocita eyeglasses; the ones that speak to who you are and the image you want to project to the world. There are, as you might imagine, several cosmetic features that are taken into account when you are deciding on your frames. Color, style, and attitude all play roles. Some want more flashy and others want more subtle. Your skin tone will be enhanced with the color of frames you select. And perhaps the most overlooked category is face shape and how it relates to the shape of the frames. Basic face shapes are heart, circle, oblong, oval, square, and triangle. Everyone either fits into those or is closer to one than the other. Our optician will work with you, making it easy to choose.

The reason that we’re so certain you’re going to love our Atascocita eyeglasses is that we put the effort into making sure that’s the outcome. Contact our office today and let us schedule an appointment for you to come in for an eye exam and to pick your frames.

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