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Emergency Eye Care in Humble TX

Emergency eye doctor in Humble TX

Emergency eye care in Humble TX here at Today’s Vision can rescue you from serious damage to your eyes, as well as long term or permanent loss of vision. When you have an urgent need related to your eye health, reach out to us immediately.

You may be wondering exactly what constitutes an eye emergency. Well, we can give you some good examples, but the truth is that you will be the one who makes that decision. Your judgment should be the overriding factor in whether you need urgent treatment. The same is true in making the determination to go to an ER or call 911 instead of coming to our office. If you need guidance, however, that’s another way in which our emergency eye care in Humble TX can help. Keep our number programmed into all of your phones so that you will have it at your fingertips to use. Among the reasons for coming in right away are damage to your eye from an accident or injury, a foreign object stuck in your eye, discharge, eye pain, sudden vision loss, redness, floaters, abrasions, a lump in your eyelid, corneal ulcers, and any sign of infection or eye disease of any sort. We recommend that you take advantage of our emergency eye care in Humble TX as a precaution even if you’re not sure whether it’s an urgent matter or not. Your eyes and your vision are too important to take unnecessary risks. When you come in, you will be given a complete eye exam with any applicable tests. The appropriate treatment protocol will be identified and implemented. You are in the best possible hands here.

Call our office for a prompt appointment. Our emergency eye care in Humble TX is prepared for you and will make all efforts to promote the best outcome regardless of the situation.

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