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To say the least, Glaucoma can be a major hassle to deal with—especially since it manifests in different forms. Two, to be exact. Angle-closure Glaucoma (ACG) and open-angle Glaucoma (POAG). The latter type is known as the “sneak thief of sight” because of how quietly it affects vision. While the former has a more aggressive, kicking the doors down kind of approach. Either way, you’re going to need professional help as soon as possible. Head over to Today’s Vision and see our eye clinic in Humble TX.

As we get older (40 years up and up, especially) it becomes pivotal to see a professional— after all, you’re far more likely to develop Glaucoma in advanced age. Open-angle Glaucoma could develop without you even noticing. So get into the habit of regular checkups. The sooner the professional finds Glaucoma, the less difficult it is to treat. Keeping that in mind, go ahead and reach out to the Today’s Vision to assess and treat your crippling condition. ACG displays any combination of the followings symptoms: rapid sight loss, nausea, intense head/eye pain, rainbow-hued circles when exposed to bright lights. At some point during this blurb, the million dollar question might’ve popped, “What causes Glaucoma?” In a nutshell, when the fluid surrounding the eye doesn’t circulate correctly, it builds pressure. Usually the fluid is funnel through a channel. But sometimes (professionals don’t know why, yet) the channel gets blocked, leaving the fluid without anywhere to go. And then, as you might’ve guessed, this is when trouble symptoms pop up. Visit our eye clinic in Humble TX.

As mentioned before, you shouldn’t wait for Glaucoma to launch a surprise assault on vision. Find it early, treat it easy. So feel free to reach out to Today’s Vision. All you have to do is shoot us a call or an e-mail to set an appointment. Then be well on the way to our eye clinic in Humble TX.

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