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Contact lenses in Atascocita

Contact Lenses in Humble

Contact lenses store in Humble

Contact Lenses in Humble

Contact Lenses in Humble

There are many advantages to wearing contact lenses. They provide a more natural vision than eyeglasses do and they don’t hinder your peripheral (side-to-side) vision either. Your appearance remains unaffected when you wear our contact lenses in Humble. And with today’s advancements in lens technology, we at Today’s Vision can confidently say that the ones you get now are even more comfortable and provide better eyesight than the ones from just a few years ago.

The two basic categories of contact lenses are hard and soft. Hard lenses, which are sometimes referred to as rigid or gas-permeable, are usually the best option if you have severe nearsightedness or astigmatism. They also provide the sharpest and clearest vision possible. On the downside, they may be a bit more difficult to get used to wearing than soft lenses are. In addition to being more comfortable, soft lenses come in four types to meet your needs and preferences. Daily wear are put in first thing in the morning and kept in all day, for up to 12 hours. You then take then out to clean them for the next day. Extended wear can be kept in overnight. Disposable are worn a single time before being discarded. And color-changing give you the benefit of trying on a completely new eye color. In fact, you can even wear them without vision correction, as a fashion accessory. You get tremendous flexibility with our contact lenses in Humble.

We’re also pleased to offer toric lenses, high definition, and multifocal options, so no matter what your vision concerns are, you know we’re equal to the challenge. We make it a point of carrying only the finest names in the business. Choose from Bausch & Lomb, CibaVision, CooperVision, and Vistakon, all known and trusted. We wouldn’t put your vision in the hands of anything less when you get our contact lenses in Humble.

Get started by calling us to schedule an exam with our optometrist. Or if you only want non-prescription color-changing lenses, you can just stop in during regular business hours. We will also fit our contact lenses in Humble to you to make certain that they feel good and don’t cause you any unnecessary eye irritation. We want your experience wearing contacts to be a positive one.

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