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Eye care in Kingwood

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Eye care in Kingwood

Eye care in Kingwood

While it is quite common to postpone appointments that would safeguard our own health, the need for regular and thorough professional eye examinations needs to be a primary concern. Many eye diseases which have the potential to gradually eradicate our vision without any noticeable symptoms can only be detected by an optometrist utilizing sophisticated equipment that allows our physical eye to be examined. Unfortunately, many patients do not schedule appointments unless they are experiencing difficulty distinguishing objects in the distance, trouble reading small or fine print, struggle to see clearly while driving at night or suffer from feelings of pain or pressure in or behind their eyes. While these symptoms certainly do warrant a visit with your eye doctor in Kingwood at Today’s Vision, we also recommend maintaining routine visits to detect any changes in your eye health.

In addition to performing a number of eye screenings and a vision acuity test, we encourage our patients to engage in an interactive consultation regarding your overall physical health as it relates to your eyes, including conditions such as diabetes, any noticeable differences in your vision and to allow you the opportunity to ask questions about our recommended course of treatment. Your eye doctor in Kingwood as well as the caring and compassionate support staff at Today’s Vision want to ensure you fully understand our diagnosis and your eye health. If you need prescription eyewear or other treatment, we want you to feel comfortable as well as knowledgeable regarding your eye care.

Setting up your initial appointment with your premier eye doctor in Kingwood at Today’s Vision is easy and convenient with the assistance of our personable professionals. We can also provide more information about the various eye care services and treatments we offer, participating insurance plans and accepted methods of payment. We are continuously welcoming new patients and whether you are experiencing symptoms or simply have not had a comprehensive professional eye exam in some time, we look forward to meeting with you soon to determine how we can help you maintain or restore your eyes and vision to a healthy state.

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