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Contact Lenses in Humble

Contact Lenses in Humble

When you are in need of getting contact lenses in Humble, you will want to visit Today’s Vision, where you can get quality eyeglasses and contact lenses under one roof. Dr. Jay Pravda will be there, should you be in need of a regular eye exam or a contact lens exam and fitting. Dr. Pravda has been in practice for over 29 years. His patients enjoy having their eye exams performed by Dr. Pravda due to his caring attitude, obvious expertise, and relaxing sense of humor.

When you go for contact lenses in Humble, at Today’s Vision, you will be pleased to learn that today, most people are able to find contact lenses that are comfortable, and will fit their vision correction needs. Even if you are nearsighted or have astigmatism, there are lenses available that will provide you with excellent vision. Today, contact lenses fall into two main categories. The first is soft contact lenses. Soft contacts are the most popular contacts today due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable to wear and easy to get used to wearing. Soft contacts contacts fall into three main categories. They are: (1) daily wear lenses that can be worn up to 12 hours and then removed for cleaning and to rest the eye; (2) extended wear lenses that can be slept in overnight and worn for an extended period of time; and (3) disposable lenses that are made to be worn for a single daily use and then discarded. Soft lenses can also be purchased that can change the color of your eyes.

The second type of lens that you can get at Today’s Vision, when you go to get contact lenses in Humble, are hard lenses – also known as gas-permeable lenses, or rigid lenses. This type of contact lens is sometimes recommended by doctors because it may offer certain patients a sharper vision correction. The drawback to wearing hard contacts is that they take more time to get used to wearing, and they may not be as comfortable as soft lenses. You can get your contact lenses at Today’s Vision because we carry an impressive selection of contact lenses, including lenses from: Bausch & Lomb; CibaVision; CooperVision; and Vistakon. Our lens selection includes toric lens for astigmatism and multifocal lenses.

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