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Kingwood Vision Test

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Are you looking for the latest in optical care? If you’re tired of optical exams getting in the way of your life, the latest technological advancements may hold the answers you are looking for. Thanks to the most recent imaging technology, patients can enjoy eye exams that are more comfortable and effective than ever before. Annual comprehensive optical examinations are essential for patients of all ages and levels of visual clarity, whether you wear prescription eyewear or not. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need with an advanced Kingwood vision test at the state of the art practices of Today’s Vision.

Kingwood Vision Test

Kingwood Vision Test

Believe it or not, your eyes could be experiencing more difficulty seeing clearly than you realize. Optical conditions can and will continue to change with each and every year of our lives, no matter how far along you are into adult hood. The same LCD screen powered devices we use every day to enrich our lives will actually cause damage to your vision over time, causing eye strain and exhaustion that can lead to the continuing shift of your optical prescription. Most vision problems occur naturally, and as such changes can be so gradual and subtle that patients often are unaware they are having trouble seeing until it is pointed out to them during their annual Kingwood vision test.

But your comprehensive optical exam does much more than simply test your ability to see clearly, these appointments also work to diagnose destructive diseases of the eye. Optical illnesses are the number one cause of total blindness in the United States today. This occurs due to the many risk factors which can cause these illnesses to develop, as well as the unsettling fact that disease like glaucoma show no symptoms until permanent vision loss has already begun. Your annual Kingwood vision test works to diagnose these illnesses in the earliest stages possible without the discomfort of eye dilation through the use of the Optos Optomap. This unique device allows your doctor to take a perfect image of the entirety of the inside of your in just seconds to detect even the smallest levels of damage and the slightest changes, without a moment of optical discomfort, for the most effective and comfortable eye exam yet.

For the very best in optical care, be sure to book your Kingwood vision test at the welcoming offices of Today’s Vision. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff proudly serve your local community with the latest advances in optical technology for the most gentle and efficient comprehensive eye examinations available today. With laser powered optical imaging technology, an annual comprehensive eye exam from Today’s Vision can work to save your vision from harm.

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Contact Lens Exam in Humble

Contact Lenses Exam

When thinking about wearing contact lenses, the standard eye exam for eyeglasses is performed, and as part of our contact lens exam in Humble, we will test your visual clarity using an eye chart. Our experts will also determine if you have any refractive errors (blurry vision) that prevent your eyes from properly focusing light. Once our optometrist at Today’s Vision have finished the regular exam, your eyes will be measured to make sure that lenses sit properly over your corneas. We may also ask you to wear trial lenses during your visit to see how your eyes handle them. We are also to provide you with various contact lens choices, including multifocal, bifocal, rigid or soft lenses, with the option to change the color of your eyes with colored lenses. If you are visiting us requesting contact lenses for the first time, we will give you a thorough contact lens exam in Humble to make certain you are a good candidate for wearing contacts. Since there are so many lens choices, our educated doctors will listen closely to your goals and choose the lens that best suits your lifestyle.

Contact Lens Exam in Humble Contact Lens Exam in Humble

Contact Lens Exam in Humble

Contact lens rests on your cornea when inserted into your eye, so the curvature of your cornea must be measured accurately in order to guarantee an ideal fit. Another necessary test that will be done as part of our contact lens exam in Humble, is the slit lamp exam. Although this test is performed during a regular eye exam, our optometrist at Today’s Vision may spend more time doing a slit lamp exam for a contact lens wearer. From time to time, medical eye problems are detected that need to be treated before your fitting is completed.

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