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Living with and accommodating for vision impairment can sound like a hassle at first, but it can be convenient as well. Everyone, whether they have any problems with visual acuity or not, should have their eyes checked about once a year as well. These visits help everyone get an idea of where their eye health is at and whether they need to wear corrective lenses to make up for any vision impairments. If it is found that you have any vision impairment, you have plenty of options when it comes to how you choose to counter this impairment. Here at Today’s Vision we can provide you with all of the fittings and exams you need to help choose your method of vision correction, including contact lens exams and fittings in Humble.

Contact Lenses in Humble

Contact Lenses in Humble

The two most popular ways of dealing with vision impairment, whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or other issues, include glasses and contact lenses. Glasses and other traditional methods of vision correction may not suit everyone or perhaps every occasion. In the event that you want something other than glasses, we here at Today’s Vision can provide you with contact lens exams and fittings to see whether contacts are another viable option for you. These special exams and fittings are necessary because different types of contacts will suit different conditions and lifestyles. Some contact lenses may be better for those with astigmatism versus those who are nearsighted, and a different pair of lenses may better suit someone with allergies than someone who does not. Additionally, not all patients may be able to wear contacts comfortably. Some eyes may be too irritated to wear contacts on a regular basis but a thorough examination will help determine whether this is the case. Here at Today’s Vision our eye doctor in Humble can help determine which types or brands of contacts will suit you and your lifestyle best.

In addition to finding your prescription, our eye doctor here at Today’s Vision can show you how to safely put in, remove and store your contact lenses for healthy everyday use. Making sure that you take care of your contact lenses is important. Visit our shop in Humble for a contact lens exam and fitting today.

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